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Backhoe loaders are multifaceted machines that increase jobsite productivity. Essentially a large tractor equipped with a digging arm and a loader, the backhoe has unsurpassed earth-moving capabilities. The option to rent attachments for a backhoe loader means the equipment is able to perform even more tasks, therefore reducing time to completion and amplifying profits. provides a breakdown of the most commonly used backhoe loader attachments.

Backhoe Loader Bucket Attachments

Backhoe loaders have a diverse assortment of bucket attachments to improve ease of use on nearly any project. From landscaping jobs to field prep, and railroad care to parking lot maintenance, the backhoe is a machine that can do it all.

  • Railroad Cribbing Bucket Attachment - A railroad cribbing bucket attachment has a pronged design. It is often used in the removal of railroad ties. Additionally, the forks of the cribbing bucket easily slide under tracks for the maintenance and cleaning of rail systems.
  • Rock Bucket Attachment - Backhoe rock bucket attachments allow the operator to sift through soil, sand, dirt, rocks, and debris. A rock bucket is used to prep a jobsite prior to landscaping or building. Rock buckets for backhoe loaders are available in a large array of sizes, ranging from 12” up to 82” in width.
  • Snow Pusher Bucket Attachment - The snow pusher bucket helps your company quickly clear snow from lots, pathways, and construction sites. The cutting edge of a snow pusher bucket is typically made from rubber, which helps protect delicate surface areas.
  • Clamshell Bucket – The clamshell bucket attachment has a claw-like configuration and is able to easily grab loose dirt and gravel for rapid clearing. The clamshell bucket also gives the backhoe operator scraping ability to help loosen tough areas.
  • Jaw Bucket – The jaw bucket clamps down on stumps, large rocks, and chunks of concrete. Effortlessly remove heavy, unwanted materials and obstructions from your project site. Available in 24” to 30” bucket sizes for backhoe loaders.

Fork, Tine, Wheel, and Other Backhoe Loader Attachments

Bucket attachments work well for most backhoe activities, but specialty accessories can further boost efficiency in certain applications. Backhoe loader attachments can also help your crew complete massive projects when smaller equipment just isn’t enough.

  • Fork Attachment - Bucket forks and pallet forks are used in much the same way you would utilize a fork lift. Raise, lower, and carry pallets or stacked and bagged material. Standard sizes include 42”, 48”, and 54” tine widths.
  • Compaction Wheel Attachment - Available in sizes ranging from 6” to 24” in trench width, the compaction wheel is suitable when you need to shatter clumps of earth and compress the soil.
  • Root Rake Attachment - The backhoe loader root rake attachment lets you plow through debris-filled soil while the rake’s tines collect unwanted roots, rocks, and other brush. Leave valuable earth behind while collecting unwanted materials for disposal.
  • Hammer Attachment – Hammer attachments have the ability to crack through concrete, asphalt, and rocks. Useful in demolition projects, the hammer attachment will break up even the toughest materials with ease. Backhoe hammer attachments deliver a certain number of strikes per minute, typically between 700 on the low end and 1700 on the high end.
  • Plate Compactor – A vibratory plate compactor attaches to the backhoe then delivers approximately 2000 blows per minute to compact the soil in trenches. It can also be used to drive posts into the ground.
  • Auger – An auger attachment performs double duty. It has the ability to drill while digging. It enters the ground in a drilling motion, and when it is pulled out of the earth soil exits the drilled hole with the auger bit.
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Compare Prices On Backhoe Rentals

Rental Rates for Backhoe Loader Attachments

Renting backhoe loader attachments is a cost-effective way to increase production on your jobsite. The rental cost for a backhoe attachment varies based on the equipment type and the length of rental. Attachments can be rented for a period of four hours, one day, one week, or four weeks. Renting an attachment for your backhoe loader is less expensive than renting a separate piece of equipment to accomplish your project.

Backhoe Attachment Rental Pricing

AttachmentDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Railroad Cribbing Bucket - 8”$15$35$105
Rock Bucket – 24”$55$170$499
Snow Pusher Bucket $110$325$935
Forks – 54”$59$275$510
Compaction Wheel – 8” $45$130$415
Root Rake$55$165$479
Plate Compactor$165$425$1,270

Whether you run a local landscaping business or operate a construction firm, you can improve the use of your crew’s time by choosing equipment that reduces physical labor and speeds up the task at hand. By choosing the right backhoe loader attachment, you can efficiently complete your intricate projects on schedule. gives you the information you need to enhance jobsite production.