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Everything You Need to Know About Backhoe Loader Rental Rates

Companies across many industries use backhoes to excavate land and move materials. Backhoes can be used to dig large ponds, remove earth for the installation of septic tanks, break away ground prior to pouring a foundation, and even demolish dilapidated structures. Renting a backhoe is more practical and cost effective than purchasing the machine, particularly for small businesses or businesses just starting out. helps you compare backhoe models and find the best backhoe rental rates.

What Size Backhoe Do I Need?

Backhoes are available in micro, mini, mid, or standard sizes. You can also rent a backhoe with the extend-a-hoe (E-A-H) feature, which gives you an extra four to six feet of reach for deep trenching. Determine which size backhoe you should rent by establishing your project goals and working site conditions. Then compare your requirements with the backhoe’s specifications.

Each backhoe loader model has an accompanying spec sheet. The spec sheet tells you:

  • The horsepower of the machine
  • Whether the backhoe is two or four wheel drive
  • The speed each model travels
  • The bucket width
  • The bucket weight capacity
  • The maximum digging depth
  • The type of cab/canopy and accompanying features
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Compare Prices On Backhoe Rentals

Common Backhoe Rental Models & Specs

ModelDigging DepthLoader Lift CapacityHorsepower
John Deere 310K EP14' 3"6,600 lbs.70 hp
Case 580N14' 8"6,803 lbs.78 hp
Case 590SM15' 10"7,327 lbs.108 hp
JCB 3CX - 17 Super17'9,652 lbs.109 hp
content14' 3"9,277 lbs.130 hp

Backhoe Rental Pricing

After you have determined which size backhoe is needed on your jobsite and how long your project will take, you can find the best backhoe rental rate for your needs. Backhoes are usually rented by the day, week, or month. You can also find four hour backhoe rentals for smaller digging projects. Backhoes are rented out in clean, working condition with at least ¼ tank of fuel. Always return your equipment rental in the same condition as when you rented it to avoid additional charges.

Rental Rates For Backhoe Loaders

ModelDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
6.3 ft digging depth, 75 hp$220$799$1,800
8.3 ft digging depth, 20 hp$190$710$1,750
11.2 ft digging depth, 46 hp$285$825$1,875
14.0 ft digging depth, 85 hp$299$925$1,950
14.3 ft digging depth, 93 hp$355$985$2,750
15.4 ft digging depth, 102 hp$399$1,100$3,100

Additional backhoe rental fees you may incur:

  • Delivery and pickup fees of $2-4 per mile
  • Refueling fee of $150+ if equipment is returned with less fuel than required
  • Undercarriage and bucket cleaning fees for equipment returned unwashed
  • Local and state sales taxes, emissions surcharges, use tax (unless exempt)
  • Additional rental fees for backhoe attachments; from $10-$100 per day

Backhoe Loader Safety

Always call 811 or your local digger’s hotline several days prior to digging. Calling 811 lets all of the utility companies in the area of your project know that you will be digging. Each company that owns or operates utilities within the digging area will send a representative out to mark the location of underground lines. You will be given a date that digging may begin; typically one day after all utilities are expected to be marked. This will vary by local regulations in the area your jobsite is located.

In addition to calling the digger’s hotline, be sure your crew is prepared to work with large equipment. Knowing how to properly control a backhoe loader is imperative for anyone who will be operating the rental. A backhoe can weigh between upwards of 20,000 pounds, so following backhoe safety tips is essential to everyone’s well-being.

6 Important Backhoe Safety Tips

  1. Identify the distance of overhead lines and adjacent structures
  2. Use personal protection gear such as hard hats, seatbelts, and safety goggles
  3. Know the weight limitations of your backhoe and adhere to them
  4. Mark off the swing zone of the backhoe’s bucket and attachments
  5. Make sure your crew members are familiar with common hand signals
  6. Do not control the backhoe from anywhere other than the operator’s seat

As your backhoe rental resource, also encourages you to check with your insurance agent regarding property damage and liability insurance coverage when operating rental equipment.

Renting a backhoe can help your company finish a large project on time. Choose the backhoe that meets your digging depth specifications, has the right amount of horsepower, and has a rental rate that falls within your budget. Finally, be sure to follow the equipment manufacturer’s safety tips for the specific backhoe model that you rent.