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Backhoe loaders are used in multiple applications throughout the construction and farming industry. A backhoe can do the job of multiple types of machinery because of the ability to push, pull, lift, trench, dig, and carry. Interestingly, the term “backhoe” is not derived from the positioning of the arm and bucket to the tractor, but rather the backwards motion made when the arm breaks and digs ground.

There are many corporations who currently manufacture construction equipment. While each company delivers craftsmanship in a slightly different way, several manufacturers stand out from the crowd. tells more about the top five backhoe manufacturers in the industry.


As the leading construction equipment company in the world, Caterpillar understands what customers need. The CAT trademark has been plastered across jobsites worldwide since the logo introduction in 1949. Caterpillar continues to be a leader in innovation, as well as an authority on reliable equipment.

Caterpillar’s line of backhoe loaders includes models featuring multiple digging depths:

  • 14.3 foot digging depth – Models include the 416F, 420F/420F IT, 415F2, 416F2, and the 420F2/420F2 IT. Horsepower on the 14 foot models range from 68-93.
  • 15.4 foot digging depth – Caterpillar features the 430F, 430F IT, 430F2, and the 430F2 IT in the 15 foot line of backhoe loaders. This line of Tier 4 equipment is strong and versatile.
  • 17.2 foot digging depth – The 450F has a load sensing hydraulic system for ultimate performance. With the 17 foot digging depth and 127 horsepower, this backhoe loader from Cat gets even the toughest jobs done quickly.

John Deere

Another huge name agriculture and construction, John Deere has seen many changes through the years. From the company’s start in farm equipment manufacturing during the 1830s, to the worldwide industrial equipment sales of today, John Deere holds strong with a history of reliability and integrity.

The sturdy models of backhoe loaders offered by John Deere include:

  • Digging depth of 14 – 15 feet – The versatility and options of the 310K, 310K EP, 310SK, and the 310SK TC add to the allure of the emission-certified Tier 4 backhoe loader engines in John Deere’s 14-15 ft digging depth models.
  • Digging depth of 15+ feet – With a deeper digging depth and loader lifting capacity in the 6800-9200+ range, the 410K, 410K TC, and the 710K models represent John Deere’s large project line.

CASE Construction

CASE planted roots in Racine, WI in 1942 as a manufacturer of threshing machines. Over the years, CASE increased its repertoire with graters, loaders, and various other tractors. CASE continues to produce a complete line of construction equipment today.

The backhoe loader lineup from CASE consists of the:

  • 580N – This 78 horsepower backhoe has a 14’ 8” digging depth for swift performance
  • 580 Super N – A digging depth of 14’ 4” and a breakout force of 11,173 lbf make this backhoe a mean machine
  • 580 Super N WT – The wide track on the 580 Super N WT easily navigates rough terrain and features a roomy cab for operator comfort
  • 590 Super N – Features, power, and performance all culminate in one hard-working backhoe loader with CASE’s 590 Super N


JCB was founded by Joseph C. Bamford. In 1945, Mr. Bamford began as a one man trailer manufacturing shop. Bamford’s dedication grew JCB into the global equipment manufacturing company it is today.

JCB’s backhoe loader line features the:

  • 3CX Line – 5 backhoes dominate the 3CX line of equipment from JCB, with digging depths on the entry level tractor maxing out at 14 feet, while the 3CX 17 Super can reach depths of 21.5 feet using an extension.
  • 4CX Line – The 14 Super, 15 Super, and 17 Super backhoes in the 4CX line from JCB are the ultimate in performance with an EcoMax engine and a 1.58 yard3 bucket capacity.

New Holland Construction

New Holland Construction got its start in 1895 as an individually owned repair shop. In 1999 the company produced an equipment line for introduction to the construction market. Today, New Holland continues to experience growth.

New Holland has four backhoe loaders in manufacture:

  • B95C – A digging depth of 14’6” meets 95 horsepower with this efficient backhoe loader
  • B95C TC – Ergonomic controls and a comfortable cab meet a mix of both reach and force
  • B95C LR – This model features a lift capacity of 7,996 pounds and a digging depth of 15’6”
  • B110C – A heavy duty loader with a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet powered by a 108 horse engine

Other notable backhoe loader brands include Komatsu, Terex and Volvo. Each of these companies domineer a portion of the construction equipment market. With so many top names in backhoe loaders, there is a rental available for virtually any jobsite. Whether you need a backhoe loader for your next industrial endeavor, construction development, or landscaping job, has the information you need to rent the right backhoe for your project.

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